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2.5 hours one way, 120 miles south along the Richardson Highway

Valdez offers opportunities for: a scenic drive, hiking, dining, wildlife viewing, history, glacier cruises in Prince William Sound, halibut and salmon charters, sea kayaking, boat rentals and has some small town shops.

The Drive South

The 120 mile, 2.5 hour drive south along the Richardson Highway takes you from the Copper River Valley through the Chugach Mountain Range. There are many scenic overlooks and rivers along the drive including Willow Lake Pullout with views of all four of the high peaks of the Wrangell Mountains and views of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline as it snakes its way to the terminal in Valdez.

Chugach Mountains heading South along the Richardson Highway

Worthington Glacier

Worthington Glacier has a State Recreation Site at the base with bathrooms, interpreative panels, and access to get up close to an Alaskan glacier.

Worthington Glacier

Thompson Pass

At 2,678 feet, Thompson Pass is a wonder to drive through seeing high alpine lakes and the peaks of the Chugach Range before decensing to sea level in only 20 miles of road. In the winter, Thompson Pass is a favorite area with heli-skiers, backcountry skiers, and snowmachiners. In the summer, just step out of your car and explore the alpine tundra and vegetation.

Thompson Pass on the way to Valdez

Keystone Canyon with Waterfalls

The Lowe River has carved Keystone Canyon with many waterfalls close to the road. The entire canyon has flooded in the past five years and is also the site of the "dam-alanche" of the winter of 2013.

Horsetail Falls in Keystone Canyon

US Forest Service Crooked Creek Information Site

Just before you enter the town, on the right is a small US Forest Service Center. There is a lot of information about the animals and vegetation of the area as well as US Forest Service recreational services. Crooked Creek crashes down behind the cabin in a nice waterfall and there is a picnic area and a salmon spawning viewing area nearby.

Forest Service Visitor's Center

Small Boat Harbor on Prince William Sound

Walking around the boat harbor is a great way to spend the afternoon. There is also glacier cruises, boat rentals, and sea kayak rentals available. Many fishing boats make Valdez their home as well as personal craft and sailboats.

Fishing Boats

Dock Point Hike (map)

An easy, 30 minute hike that starts near the harbor with great views of the pipeline terminal across Valdez Arm and the Chugach Mountains. There is a beach and picnic area at the trailhead. Check out other hikes in and around the Valdez area.

Valdez Arm from Dock Point Trail

History of Valdez

The city of Valdez has a rich mining history as well as the entire town being destryoed during a tsumani in 1964 and being forced to relocate. Port Valdez is also the location of the Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill in 1989. Tour the Museum in Valdez.

Dayville Road

15 miles outside of Valdez, Dayville Road runs down the opposite side of Valdez Arm. It offers opporunities for bear viewing, salmon spawing viewing, fishing, and camping. There is a nice bike path along the road and ends at the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Terminal.

More information about Valdez:

City of Valdez

Valdez Convention & Visitor's Bureau


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