Northern Lights as seen from downtown Glennallen facing east to the Mt. Drum

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Edgerton Highway and the Chitina Fishwheels

1.5 hours, one way - 65 miles south on the Richardson to Pippin Lake and then east 30 miles on the Edgerton Highway

A Day trip to Chitina offers opportunities for: a scenic drive, hiking, dining, Copper River Railroad history

Willow Lake Pullout

The views just don't get any better than this! All major peaks of the Wrangell Range show themselves in this panaramic view at the base of Willow Mountain. Can't miss it!

photo credit: Neil Hannon

Wrangell Mountains from Willow Lake

Wenger's Country Store

Stop by Wenger's Country Store at Mile 10.3 on the Edgerton Hwy in Kenny Lake area with everything you can imagine. Ice cream for the kids, sunscreen for the trip, chicken feed, and don't forget a new toilet seat! Mile xx along the Edgerton Highway.


Tonsina River Trail Hike

A BLM trail located at a small paved pullout around mile 10 on the Edgerton Highway. It is a two mile, easy trail that ends on a bluff overlooking the Tonsina River and the foothills of the Chugach Mountains. There is private property on either side of the trail; please respect it.

Yak Farm in Kenny Lake

14.9 miles along the Edgerton Highway is the
Circle F Ranch
offering tours and a gift shop.

Circle F Ranch with Yaks

Liberty Falls State Recreation Site and
BLM Liberty Falls Trail

A State of Alaska Recreation Site, Liberty Falls offers camping, potable water, bathrooms, and a breathtaking waterfall. It is a circle drive so RVs can drive pull through easily.

There is a BLM trailhead just west of the Recreation Site at mile post 23.5 on the Edgerton Highway. It is a moderate, one mile hike with some steep sections but great views of the Wrangell Mountains and Copper River at the top.

Liberty Falls


The town of Chitina offers a look into the past. There is a NPS Ranger Station several two lakes to explore along with local businesses.

The Chitina Hotel has a full restaurant and a large collection of past relics in this fully restored building.

Spirit Mountain Art Works, has beautiful artwork, pottery, jewelry and original artowrk of the area with local artists.

Chitina Main Street

Fishwheels on the Copper

Drive through the cut in the rock and you'll be rewarded by the view of Mt Drum towering over the fishwheels along the Copper River. Dip netters can be seen near the confluence of the Copper and the Chitina Rivers. There is a campground that offers overnight camping. This is the on the edge of the largest national park in the country, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

photo credit: Neil Hannon

FishWheels on the Copper River in Chitina


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